Opa's Organics non GMO grains
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Opa's Organics non GMO grains


Opa’s Organics is located in Dekalb County, IL, a region known for some of the best farmland on earth, boasting rich prairie soils and a history of agricultural prosperity.

We are an hour outside of Chicago, providing convenient access to major railways and interstate highways. Plus, our farm’s headquarters on a major Illinois State Route allows for unrestricted truck access 365 days a year!


Quality control is a top priority at Opa’s Organics. Learn how our grain facility allows us to deliver on our promise of clean, fresh nutritious grains in excellent condition for human food consumption.

Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO ONLY

Protecting the purity of our grains is important. That is why we only handle organically grown, non-GMO, and gluten free grains in our facility.

Clean organic facility

Clean & Contamination-Free

You could eat off our storage bin floors! We follow a thorough cleaning and flushing regimen to ensure all areas where our grain flows are clean and free of harmful debris, moisture and pests. Our strict protocols also prevent commingling of different types of grains. In addition, all our grains run through a screen cleaner to remove excess foreign material that can hamper airflow and degrade grain quality while in storage.

Gentle Grain Handling No Augers

Gentle Handling

Augers destroy grain quality. That is why we are 100% auger-free. All our grain moves via high air flow, specially modified paddle conveyors, bucket elevators, and gently sloping spouts to minimize damage.

Food Grade Corn Drying

Food-Grade Corn Drying

We want to deliver the low-moisture, whole, undamaged kernels that make the mills happy. That is why we use a Grain Handler continuous mix-flow dryer designed for even, low-heat drying and continual kernel temperature monitoring.


Grain Testing & Monitoring

No one likes a rejected truckload! It’s our goal to meet your expectations, ensuring that we ship out only the highest quality organic grains. We have invested heavily in our on-site GMO and grading lab to perform regular testing of what goes in and out of storage.  We also keep close tabs on grain quality with the use of remote grain temperature monitoring and control of aeration fans.

Fast Easy Truck Loading

Fast, Easy Truck Loading 365-Days-A-Year

We can deliver grain when you need it! Located on an IL-State Route, we can send full trucks of grain on their way, even when other farm facilities are closed due to posted roads…and our high-speed conveyors and easy truck turning radiuses allow us to get truckers in and out in 30 minutes or less.