At Opa’s Organics we are experts at what we do. We understand that organic farming requires a long term, strategic commitment to improving our soil and making our farm more productive. We take no short cuts. All our efforts are focused on growing high quality grains today and in the future.

We are intensely focused on soil health and fertility. We use only the finest compost and manures combined with the leading organic cover crop mixes to feed the soil and build organic matter. Our diverse crop rotation and reduced tillage strategies further strengthen our soil’s immunity to disease and pests, helping us to produce consistently higher yields.

We know that farm machinery, technology, and proper grain handling and storage play a key role in high quality food-grade organic grain production. Opa’s Organics invests in the latest equipment and technology to get the most out of our farm.

From careful seed selection, precision planting, timely crop scouting and weed control, to skilled harvesting, and meticulously cleaned and closely monitored grain storage – we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence to deliver the finest organic grains in the Midwest.


At Opa’s Organics, we specialize in growing premium food-grade organic, gluten-free grains and soybeans – all without harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or GMO’s.

We are not simply growing a commodity, but a nutritious ingredient for human food consumption, and this takes special care and attention to detail. From selecting the purest, high quality non-GMO seed hybrids, to carefully timed planting and skilled harvesting, to the cleanliness of our grain storage facility – we never lose sight that our grains will fill the pantry shelves of families across the world.

While we raise a diverse variety of crops, several are grown only to serve as “green manure” cover crops, playing a vital role in our organic farm system. Their growth helps to suppress weeds and improve the soil health and fertility necessary to insure a successful harvest of our nutrient-rich organic grains each season. Clover, alfalfa, radishes, oats and field peas are the most common of these cover crops.

Our diverse crop rotation includes all gluten-free organic grains, including soybeans, corn, oats, and popcorn. Our grains are used in food products like cornbread, polenta, corn chips, breakfast cereals, masa, tofu, soymilk, granola bars, muesli, oatmeal and oat milk.