Opa's Organics non GMO grains
Opa's Organics non GMO grains


I was raised by German farmers in a tight-knit rural community where we learned to have faith, pride, and value good, honest hard work. Although my professional career has taken me in a different direction for the last few years, my experience and dedication to hard work as a business and marketing professional has not changed. Today, I am back to my roots and committed to growing healthy, organic food. I am passionate about food and believe it should be free of harmful pesticides, chemicals for both the environment as well as the health and wellness of the families we feed.

Meet Angie

I grew up on a small Illinois farm that had been in my family for generations. Growing up, I remember walking the beans, jumping on hay bales, rides in the grain truck on corn shelling day, and all the excitement and smells in the air during fall harvest. I then moved away from the farm to attend to college, got married, and moved to Chicago. Over the next 20 years I was involved in the business world and gave only fleeting thoughts about farming or the close-knit German community in which I was raised.

In 2012, my husband and I sold our distribution business and I began to think about a new career. I always had a passion for healthy, nutritious uncontaminated food.

Meet Opa

“Opa” is the name I fondly called my German grandfather.  Very hard of hearing from a young age, Opa was a mild-mannered man who started farming as a boy – shelling corn by hand and plowing the field with horses. He was around to experience the invention of the tractor and resisted the advent of farming with chemicals. He raised chickens and sold their eggs to the local store.  I remember visiting the farm as a little girl to see a fields of oats and clover and manure used as fertilizer. Opa was a simple man, he smiled a lot, smoked a pipe and played the harmonica. He knew his land and understood innately how to farm with nature. I named my organic farm in honor of my Opa, Peter H. Duitsman.

Our Food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.

– Hippocrates

I am a strong proponent that “you are what you eat,” and that resilient, living soils are the key producing the clean, nutrient rich food I love. For me, it’s all about the soil.

I founded Opa’s Organics with a commitment to becoming a reliable top producer of the highest quality organic grains. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and believe that through hard work, attention to detail, and innovation we will deliver on that promise.


At Opa’s Organics, our primary focus is on growing the highest quality, nutrient-rich organic grains.

We employ organic farming techniques proven effective by farmers thousands of years ago with the latest technologies available today in farm machinery, grain handling, and quality control.

After carefully harvesting, all our grains are tested for quality and handled with care in our state-of-the art gluten-free, organic storage facility.