Highly Prized by Oat Mills:  Our thick, lush fields of oats are only the highly quality food-grade varieties, bred specifically for their high test weights, and plump, uniform seeds – more groats and less hulls!

Clean and Fresh:  Thorough cleaning procedures combined with excellent aeration and in-bin temperature cables help ensure that our oats remain fresh and insect-free, averaging 13.5% moisture.  We take the extra step of running all our oats through a screen cleaner prior to storage, removing any excess FM and thins, further ensuring food-grade quality.

Gluten-Free: We only grow, handle and store gluten free grains on our farm. You can rest assured that our oats are safe for a gluten-free diet.

No Glysophate!  We only grow organic grains that people will eat.  We’d never think of taking shortcuts in growing or harvesting oats, and you will certainly never find a trace of harmful chemicals in them!