Excellent for Milling:  We grow only the highest quality food-grade hybrids for our region, known for their excellent milling traits, including a high hard endosperm content and test weights averaging 58 – 59 lbs.

Pure, GMO-Free:  From clean equipment, to carefully timed planting, to our on-site Envirologix GMO test lab, we understand the importance of preventing GMO contamination in our corn.  All seed is tested prior to planting and regular samples are tested at harvest prior to storage.

Low-Moisture Kernels with Minimal Stress Cracks:  We evenly dry corn to 13.5% using low-heat in our carefully calibrated continuous flow dryer. Kernel temperatures are monitored to ensure that they never exceed 110 degrees and cooled in the bin to prevent stress cracks.

Clean, Fresh, High Quality Kernels:  Thorough cleaning procedures, skillful harvesting, screen cleaning, gentle “auger-free” handling, superior airflow and in-bin temperature cables – we work hard to ensure that our corn is mycotoxin and insect-free with minimal damage and foreign materials.