Farming is in my blood. I was raised by German farmers in a tight-knit rural community where we learned to have faith, pride, and value good, honest hard work.

As I researched my heritage, I learned that my ancestors were a small group of German farmers from East Frisia (also known as Ostfriesland) located on the North Sea. Over hundreds of years they drained and reclaimed land from the sea and turned it into rich, productive farmland. A small group of East Frisians came to central Illinois after the Civil War and purchased the only land they afford: a large swampy mosquito ridden tract of land 30 miles northeast of Champaign IL. My hardworking, determined ancestors reclaimed the swamp with only shovels and horses. Over the next 40 years they turned the swamp into some of the most productive farmland in the state of Illinois. I grew up on one of those farms in the house that my great-grandfather built.

As a new career path began to develop, it became clear that producing good, clean, nutrient-dense food was a passion of mine. Organic farming seemed like the only choice. Since 2014, I have been growing crops the way my German ancestors had for hundreds of years. I guess you could say it’s in my blood.

I welcome you to look through my website and see all the exciting things we are doing to bring life back to our soils and produce the highest quality organic grains available in the Midwest. Contact me or schedule a visit to our farm!